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Monday, July 21, 2014

Do Less,Get Focused


    The internet would have us all thinking we are not doing enough. Not eating out enough at the right restaurants, going on the right vacations, getting invited to the best parties and this goes for our business as well.  Many of us spend hours a day, or at least a week online with the never ending display of the world around us. It is part of the human condition to compare ourselves to others, and this is where the internet becomes a very dangerous place. The real key to success in business and life is not to do more it is to do less. Not more of what you think you should be doing, do less but be on purpose. Focus on what works for you, what you are best at and what has proven over time to move you forward.
    Use systems.  We all are product junkies I’ll be the first to admit it. The newest  blingy thing is like my crack. Before investing in another line make sure the one you already have is not broken.  Companies release products in systems because they are designed to work best together, in a system.  Try and stick with one system or at least one company. I know everyone thinks they have to have tons of options, but that continues to cost you tons of your hard earned cash.  If you must cross pollinate, make sure you know the rules before you break the rules. You should not have more than 3 lines.
Organize. Take one day this week and go through all your product. Yes ..all of it. What haven’t you used in the last 6 months? Chances are just like those clothes that hang in your closet that you aren’t wearing, you probably won’t use them either. Pitch them if they are over 2 years old, or donate them or sell them. Get rid of the clutter and streamline your work station. You will have greater efficiency if you are more organized, and time is money.

     Reevaluate. Do you have services on your menu you hate to do? OR services clients just don’t book. Reevaluate what you are offering your clients. If you hate pedicures, don’t do them. I don’t do acrylics. Haven’t for years. If I get a client that wants a fill I explain I use a high quality gel product that wears as well or better than acrylic. They say yes or no, I do not alter my services. Focusing on what you do well even if it is just a few things will help you become a master at it. I’m not saying to not learn new things, but master the basics and the few specialties you already do well and your work will be a neon sign pointing to your salon. 

     Relax. Don’t think if you don’t pick up on the latest craze the minute it comes out you will be totally left in the nail dust. Take time to discern if it is right for your business. Weigh the investment in new tools, new products, education and all of it before you hop on without the slightest clue if it will work in your business. You might be better served to wait for online reviews or ask your nail network their opinion. Do your research before you go all in.
Set up automation in your business. Pre pay, auto reminders and things that are designed to do your work for you streamline your business. Take the time to set up a few of these services within your website or online booking system and focus on your clients.  Simplify as much as you can so you have time to focus on business because that’s smart marketing.