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Monday, April 14, 2014

Get in the Spring of Things

     Spring is the time for fundraisers and fashion shows. Reach out to businesses in the community that may be already putting together a fashion show and ask if you can partner with them. We know after all, the best fashion accessory is adorned nails and toes. Getting your work in front of the community is a sure way to pick up new business. Many women’s organizations have their fundraisers and fashion shows this time of year also. Put the word out with your clients that you are available to either donate mini services at the event, or a gift card to your salon, or put the latest spring looks on the models in their show. I have to say I participated in a fashion show for several years and last year with the changing of some leadership they decided to use a new salon. This salon was not as accommodating, and did not offer nails and toes for their models. I am happy to say they came back and asked to partner with our team again. Make sure when you partner with a group like this you, a have good organization skills coordinating models with services, b be as accommodating as possible. Yes you might think well we are doing this for free so they should be happy with whatever they get. If this is your thinking do yourself a favor and don’t do it at all. This is after all, a mini glimpse into what it would be like to be your client, don’t shortchange one aspect of the experience. All eyes are truly watching how you handle every last detail. From how soon you return phone calls to your attitude when they come flooding into your salon. I gained at least 4 long term clients from this partnership and look forward to many more in the future. So go all out, use the good china. If there are no spring shows in your area why not start one yourself? Partner with vintage or resale shops, shoe stores, make up centers, you get the picture. Creating an event to showcase all your businesses will benefit everyone.

     Look to schools doing prom fashion shows, year end dinners, and proms.  Find out who is in charge and call to offer your services. So many young girls get their nails done for prom with quickie full sets only to rip them off the next day. Ask if you can offer your advice to these young girls from choosing the right enhancement to proper care and removal after the dance. Many schools are looking for after prom activities, offer a nail art booth or glitter tattoo stand. And don’t forget to take plenty of business cards and special offers. Many of the moms and teachers attend these events as well. Look to your local library to offer proper foot care classes by partnering with a local podiatrist. Meet beforehand to go over your presentation and make sure to have plenty of each other’s brochures for referrals. Have a few photos ready to share of your work from before and after Toe nail enhancements or replacements to the latest fashion forward nail art. Many marathons gear up this time of year with runners coming out of the woodwork. Why not contact the organizers and see about having some information about your foot care services and specialty foot care products available for runners. While they may not all be interested in the fashion of their feet, all runners are concerned with the health of their feet. I have a client that is a runner and that occasionally trains for triathlons that has decided this year to go from seasonal pedicures to treat her feet year round.  So there are just a few ideas to get you out and about in the community marketing your salon services. Make the connection cuz that’s smart marketing.


  1. awesome advice thank you so mcuh, millie

  2. And we can't wait to have you, Millie! You are always so gracious and accommodating. Your dialogue during the show is fun and informing! See you this weekend!