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Monday, March 24, 2014

ABS 2014

Young nails was rocking as usual. I got a quick hot tip from Melissa DeLaCruz.  Purchase Young Nails buffers. At the end of your gel service, with a soft gel topcoat go ahead and buff to a higher shine, retail to the client and encourage her to buff the shine back into her nails in between her nail appointment.  She becomes a walking advertisement for your work with her super shiny nails and you have a new retail client adding extra dollars to your bottom line. 
      Who says people aren’t talking about Nail Talk Radio. Our long time listener Traci Wilcox shared a funny story with me. One of her guests got a gift certificate at another salon from a friend and during her visit she was talking to the nail tech all about Nail Talk Radio and all the other products on the market besides the one brand she was using. Sad her client seems to know more about the industry than this tech did. Happy Traci is sharing the nail talk radio love. Hillary Fry a regional Educator for LaPalm Spa Products was named  2014 International Nail Technician of the year 2014 stars winner so a big shout out to her.
Tracy Wilcox

     I also chatted with Gel II owner Michael Le about their brand new easy soak off formulation. Gel II is great for any sensitive clients that may have allergies. All gel polishes are not created equal. There are no solvents in Gel II it is pure gel, that stays put with no running.  The new easy soak off formula soaks off in under 6 minutes and wrapping the hands in a warm towel speeds it up even further. He also gave me a sample of a prototype no cleanse Top coat, same quick soak off. Their Polish II professional polish is also great for stamping.  He sampled me a few so I’ll be sure to post photos.
     We spent some time at the Famous Names booth with our friends Jim and Linda Nordstrom where Linda was demoing their amazing new IBX treatment. She shared this exciting new technology and how IBX is truly revolutionary because it does not bond to the keratin in the nail, it bonds to itself forming a protective shield within the natural nail. Understanding the clients nail health should be our number one concern, this product truly is a game changer.
Then it was off to Cuccio and our friend Elaine Watson. Their new pastels were already sold out, she definitely underestimated the popularity. Tony’s motto for 2014 is nail techs should not have to buy polish so whenever you buy a Cuccio Veneer you get the polish for free. I like the way they think. She also shared their new liquid art Nail Sugar with the super cool lighted wand. No more sprinkles everywhere this all in one glitter party just takes one stroke for super blingy nails. 
Jan Arnold

     At the end of the day Braden and I sat in on the ABS trend panel to listen to CND’s Jan Arnold. Excited to be a part of the panel Jan shared nails are now the hottest fashion accessory. Nail techs are not just grooming nails anymore they are now adorning nails. Fashion forward nail design brings out a woman's alter ego and put a punctuation mark on the total look. She showed a highlight reel of their runway work over the years and their summer collection.

Jane's statement nails

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  1. great info as usual my lovely and talented Millie!! <3 always look forward to your blogs. Especially when coupled with NTR...