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Monday, February 24, 2014

My Favorite Genoisms

     I have known Geno over twenty years. From the first time I sat in one of his classes I knew he would have a huge impact on my world. I had no way of knowing back then just how much of an impact he would actually make but to say I am a different person than I would have been had I not met him would not be an understatement. Sure I may have eventually found other personal development mentors, but the fact that Geno was one of us, in the beauty industry, made him a whole lot easier to relate to. He knew our world, spoke our language and shared our same struggles. I couldn’t help but think if he can, then I can too. He was also from a familiar mindset, or maybe generation where you had to do more than just show up and not everyone got a trophy. I was intrigued by his brain and made sure to get myself to his classes whenever I could. Each time was fresh, invigorating and I always learned something new. So here are a few of my favorite take-aways.

     If it’s to be it’s up to me. This one just cuts to the chase for me. It is no one else’s job, or responsibility to get you where you need to be in life. Sure you can blame your parents, your family, your bosses, your friends or lack of friends but the bottom line is you are responsible for you. Is it always fair? Heck no. Is it easy? Let me tell you a secret, No one, not one person has a cake walk. Just because you may not have seen their struggles, they are there. Either in their past or their future.  Life is a series of challenges. So put your glitter pants on and get to it!

Notes from one of Geno's early classes

      You are going to have to continue to practice and study. In one of Geno's classes several years back he asked the question how many people want to be a millionaire? Well of course the entire room raises their hands. Next question, How many of you are reading a good book on how to become a millionaire? One maybe two or three hands go up. Who are you reading? Following? Studying? Geno often shares a story about Martin Parsons, a brilliant hair artist, that he has seen him backstage at a show working on a mannequin. Study and practice, even at the top.

     Invest in yourself. This kind of goes with the previous take-away but it sets rules. I remember hearing Geno say in a class years ago that you need to take educational classes or webinars or retreats. And you need to spend at least 10% of your annual income on them. What better money spent then investing in yourself. I speak of this often, the return on the investment is exponential.
He introduced me to Jim Rohn, well not in person. I asked him at one point who his mentors are and one was Mr. Rohn. So many of my life principles have been sharpened by listening to this mans’  CDs. I appreciate they are also rooted firmly in scripture.  Through listening to his tapes as well as others I got down in my soul the importance of personal development.

     Geno is a master at making people feel important. And it is authentic because he believes everyone truly is important and has come across your path for a reason. He values others and commits to valuing their time. I remember he shared with me once he never takes calls or reads emails right before he is scheduled to teach. Why, he says, would I take myself away from what I am there for, to be any less than what they deserve. So many of these principles can and should be applied to our businesses and our lives. I could go on and on I have learned so much from this man over the years. Being able to see him get his NAHA Leadership award was priceless and I am forever thankful to call him my friend. 

Geno and I at the NAHA awards

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