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Monday, February 17, 2014

Marketing YOU Inc.

    Many of my readers are owners or booth renters but today I want to focus on employees.  While some may love where they work there may be a few that are having a less than positive experience. This week I thought about what some of the challenges of marketing yourself as an employee might be and sharing some ideas to implement yourself.
     Those of you that have seen me speak know I believe we all work for the same person, ourselves. Even if your paycheck comes from another don’t think for one minute that it is not your responsibility to build You Incorporated. When it gets down to bare bones, You must be accountable for growing as a professional. Remember, if it’s to be it’s up to me.
    Growth can be professional and personal. Whether your salon pays for it or not get yourself to educational events. Education is tax deductible, all of it, from the travel to the classroom fees to the meals. There are so many networking events popping up all over the country there is no excuse. Get yourself to one, period. Commit to practicing your craft. If your salon does not offer classes put together your own. We have a group in Cleveland called NailTechsUnite and we meet each month for sharing, education and motivation. Last Monday we met to put together our vision boards for 2014. Sometimes all it takes is just a friendly push from a nail buddy to keep you on track. If there is not a group in your area, consider starting one. 

     If you are waiting for your salon to market you to get you booked solid you may be in for a long wait. I’m not bashing any salon owners; I was one, which is why I know sometimes it is challenging to be all things to all people. Owners are being pulled in so many directions, take initiative and put together some marketing ideas of your own, or offer to organize one of the many ideas for promotions I have on my blog. Show that you are a team player and dedicated to the success of the salon, not just yourself.
     Find out if you can put up your own Facebook page for your services. Nina Nailtech at The Nail Shop. You are promoting the salon as well as yourself. Put pictures, your hours, your certifications, shows and classes attended. Anything that sets you apart and shares with your clients that you are a dedicated professional. I don’ think I have to mention not to post your weekend party habits or dining and drinking adventures. Keep that to your personal page, if you must post them at all. Remember everything you post on social media will affect your brand. Make sure it affects it in the best possible way. 

     Don’t wait for the salon to get your business cards, if they ever do. They are so cheap anymore online at Vista print or Overnight prints. Have them with you wherever you go and make sure to hand them out. Be a walking advertisement by having your own nails looking fabulous. I know it’s not always easy to get really creative looks on your own nails, especially if you are not ambidextrous, consider using decals or stamping. Sometimes the best looking nail art can be the easiest.
If all else fails and you can’t change your boss…change your boss. Don’t let being at a good enough place hold you back from finding a great place. And don’t let the fear of success hold you back because taking the marketing bull by the horns yourself is smart marketing.

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