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Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Survival Guide


How to survive the holidays as a beauty professional
1. Don't make rock solid plans. We know this time of year clients come out of the woodwork. People you were sure had passed onto another salon, or even another life, you know the ones that are so sketchy during the rest of the year. Well all of a sudden they remember how fabulous you are and cannot possibly get through the holiday season without your services, preferably yesterday. So you know you are going to be coming in early, staying late and maybe even on regularly scheduled days off. Just embrace the business and the extra cash, it happens every year, you know it, get over it.
2. Take care of you. The holidays call for extra long hours and extra busy days. Try and prepare yourself by getting extra rest, limiting alcohol and planning to have healthy choices to dive into when you are ready to eat your arm off. Surviving on cookies, brownies, peanut brittle, peppermint bark, pitzels, caramel corn and chocolate candy is not the best plan. Have fresh cut veggies, fruit, healthy chips and salsa on hand and take the cookies and junk to grandma's for the kids. They have plenty of energy to burn off all those extra calories. Get yourself some Emergency or vitamin supplements to ward off the ever present infection DuJour our guests are so graciously exposing us to this time of year. Have extra hand sanitizer at the ready and get in the habit of pre and post slathers, all day long. Wipe down door handles, phones, if your salon has a land line key boards and mouses or mice? You get the drift, follow the KISS method. Keep it sanitary sister.
3. Have your shopping done by tomorrow. Seriously.  You know you are not going to have any more time to shop between now and the holidays, just admit it. Gift cards and online shopping are our good friends. Your loved ones want to pick out their own gifts anyways, honestly my daughter hasn't liked anything I picked out for her since she was 4. If you insist on shopping for them I recommend wrapping up a shopping spree to take place after the holiday madness. Enjoy the malls when things quiet down and all the prices are marked down even further. I'm going to admit another spin on re-gifting here. We all know there are plenty of gifts our clients bring in that are so much better suited for someone else on our list. I know it and you know it. Plus how many gift cards to the local health food store can I use at once? It is still a gift and used as an extra gift has so much more meaning wouldn't you agree? And as far as cooking all those treats? Many stores today have excellent prepared food sections, that are good enough to put in your own serving dishes with a few dashes of your own special touch and passed off as home-made. These dishes don't make themselves, well almost.
4 Last but certainly not least. Prepare for the onslaught of holiday cash. Don't let your family use your extra tips as the household ATM. Get yourself an envelope to stash away these extra bonus dollars. I don't even put them in my wallet and let myself be tempted to pick up an extra bottle of wine or spirits. Write the amount given and the clients name on the outside of the envelop so you can keep track for your thank you notes. You will be amazed at the amount of cash you once blew through without anything to show for it. Better yet focus on an item for this extra windfall. Maybe you have a nagging bill you'd like to get rid of, or slice in half. Assigning a goal to this extra money will give you incentive to stick to it. And try and make this something just for you. I know it goes against our nature as givers at this time of year but I don't see anybody else coming in early and staying late. This is YOUR money, you've earned all year by taking the best care of your guests. Treat yourself. That's an order.

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