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Monday, April 29, 2013

Invest in Yourself

      Jim Rohn once said if you invest in your career you'll make a living, If you invest in yourself you'll make a fortune. Many successful people follow this cardinal rule of investing 20% of their income back into themselves. 20% yes that's what I said. So if you make 50 thousand dollars per year you should invest 10 thousand back into yourself. How many of you can say that you follow this secret to success? Carla Collier just wrote a very insightful blog post about education. In travelling all over the world Carla has a bird's eye view of the state of nail education. "The average nail tech never leaves their hometown or their nail table to search out new techniques or even learn how to perfect old ones." She writes. Never worried when she teaches abroad if her classes will be full Carla continues to be disappointed with the complacency of American nail techs that can't seem to find the time or motivation to invest in themselves. . Gone are the days when the best nails of the world came out of the USA.
See her blog here Carla's blog
      I'm in Kansas City this weekend offering my time and talent to share information and education with fellow nail professionals hoping to make a difference in their life and their career. Paula Knight Osborn has poured herself into these last few months of planning and preparation to bring an awesome event to the Kansas City area. Citing education, motivation and empowerment as her keystone concepts Paula is passionate about educating her fellow nail techs. PKO Education Group is a progressive Kansas City Missouri company that promotes certification and continued professional development for industry personnel. The company also stresses the importance of a healthier work environment through the use of toxin-free products in the beauty industry. Spend 10 minutes with Paula and you can feel her passion. Events like this one are cropping up across the country and should be well attended, what an opportunity to network with top industry leaders, movers and shakers. Just myself alone has 34 years of industry experience to share. I would like to see these events packed to the walls, busting at the seams. So many times I hear the complaints of not being busy enough, not making enough money, having to close the salon and get a full time job and offer nails on the side. Why? When there are so many resources available? I guess I just don't get it. Building a successful business takes hard work but it also takes brain work. You must set yourself up for success with the right frame of mind, the business should work in your head before it ever works on paper before it ever works in a salon space. Those of you regular listeners know I have shared hundreds of valuable hints and tips on building smart, not impulsively. Take the time to invest in yourself, understand break even points and marketing dos and don'ts. Get your numbers straight before you ever open your doors. The salon market place is so competitive anymore you have to be sharp in every detail, the devil is in the details. Your assignment this week is to find a class to invest in yourself. It doesn't have to be limited to the industry. Take a marketing webinar online, an accounting class at a local education venue, read a good book on communication. Take the time and effort to invest in your most valuable commodity, you!

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