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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Master Your Career

      Zig Zigler passed away this past week. He was a mentor of mine. Even though I never personally met him I saw him live once and have listened to his cds and podcasts for many many years. A lot of my life philosophies have been impacted by this man. Many motivational speakers have recycled much of his material and woven it into their presentation, so you've probably been influenced by this man more than you know. Last month I had the opportunity to spend some time with another mentor of mine Geno Stampora. He gave me a few cds to listen to and give him my feedback. I have to say I have been listening to them several times a week this past month and they take me through a host of emotions. To say they are just motivational is really not enough. It was Mr. Zigler that said motivation is like deodorant, you have to do it every day or you start to stink. I agree, I have to listen to something inspirational every day. I have to share some Geno wisdom with all the listeners tonight.
1. Work Ethic. Do you have a great work ethic? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? It will have a direct effect on how much you make. Are you willing to give 100% every day. What about 100% most days and maybe 50% others. Don't think it matters? You won't notice a difference in a week. However, an interesting think happens over time. It will matter in month, greatly in a year, five six years down the road, wow a whole lot of money you could have had, should have had left on the table.
2. You have to have the look and act attitude. You have to look good, act good, smell good. You have to act like you know and if you don't you have to act "as if" until you do. I mean we've all gotten back from a show and put that new product on the very first client we could get our hands on. You know, with the cheat sheet in the drawer next to us.

3.  Study Time, do you practice what you do? Could you do what you do better, to add value to your market place? Are you watching videos? Reading a good book? Listening to cds? Help yourself grow.
4.  Preparation. Successful people are prepared. Don't disrespect yourself or your client, or the people you work with by being unprepared.
5.  Personal marketing. What are you doing to market yourself in the beauty industry? Quit waiting for the salon you work at to market you. It's not going to happen. You have to have a personal marketing campaign.
6.  Dialogue. How do you meet someone? How do you talk about what you do?
7.  Learn how to connect. Don't just make eye contact, look to see the color of their eyes. Have a sincere, human connection. When they talk, match their tone of voice and match their speed. People like people who they think are like them. For an hour, be like them.

8.  Have true client respect. We all have Those clients, let them go and refuse to go with them. Most of our clients are fabulous, but learn to respect them all.
9. Honesty. It is important to be honest, all the time. Once you lie to a client, you're done. Don't sell them things they don't need, don't talk to them about things they don't need.
10. Stay inspired. Who is inspiring you? Who are your mentors? Who are you reading and studying right now? You need inspiration every day. Listen to something inspiring, music, guided meditations, DVDs cds seminars, every day. Some days just suck. Change what you can change, leave the rest behind. Develop an inspirational calendar. Start to inspire yourself to be everything you can be. To do more and be more and have more. Life is happening in the moments, make every moment count.

11. Expertise. At what point will you become an expert at what you do? At what point can you say I am a master? It will make a difference in your world, your income, how people see you. Is there something you don't know, that if you did know would make a difference, take you to that next level. Are you branding yourself as an expert?
12 Consistency. You must be consistent. Treat every client like a new client. Treat every client like they matter, do great work, all the time. Commit to excellence. Take care of people.
Geno Stampora


  1. Once again my dear friend, you are right on point and have inspired me! Putting my deodorant on!!!