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Monday, November 5, 2012

ISSE Midwest 2012

     One of the biggest stories of the show has got to be . This new social beauty website is kind of like Pinterest, but for just beauty enthusiasts. I spoke with Carrie Chambers as a coincidence at another booth and she shared all the up to the minute news about this brand new marketing vehicle. It is right up my alley. Professionals can sign up with a free Bloom beauty pro account to display your contact info, services and social media links. You can add your head shot or logo, create your online portfolio by uploading photos of your work and organizing them in virtual "Look Books".  You can tag trends and products you've used and get featured on their Be Inspired pages.

 Just like Google the more your photos get rated, the more exposure your photos gain. Share your work instantly with your own credit and direct links with your photos, no worries about someone else taking credit for your work. Go viral on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Blooms new Iphone app connects consumers with local beauty pros. Every time a user clicks  'looks good' on your photos it increases their popularity on their Be Inspired page and moves them up in the Beauty Pro Directory. Users can even click on your phone number and book appointments from the Bloom Beauty Trends App. With over two hundred thousand beauty enthusiasts and growing this looks to be a huge advantage for your marketing efforts. Check them out at I'm looking to have the founder Julie Mahloch on Nail Talk Radio some time in the future. I did an interview for them as well and look forward to sharing that soon.

     I caught up with longtime friend Lynn Long at the Seche booth raving about the new Seche Fast Dry One Coat polish. This high intensity polish is rich,  long lasting, and can cover even glitter in one coat. With high durability and high shine, mine is still shiney without even a topcoat and with the quick dry time, it's sure to be another winner from the Seche family. Check it out here Fast Dry One Coat


     Had the opportunity to spend time with one of my mentors Geno Stampora. He spoke with some future professionals and shared his valuable life coaching wisdom. I always get re-motivated myself spending time with this amazing man.

     CND released their new Holiday additives with all new glitter and shine. They were kind enough to donate free samples for my nail art Fabulous finishes hands on work shop and we loved the effects. I also got to play with the LCN Nail Candy packaged in easy to use application bottles for easy breezy caviar effects.

   I also received free samples from LCN, Soft Landings, Dashing Diva, Dazzle Dry and Bella Finito so a big shout out to them for adding such value to the class.
   I also held two classes on Social Media and Blogging that were awesome and I did record both. So hopefully I will have some dvd's available soon so be on the lookout for those. One of my nail traveling buddies Gina Malson took Simmy's efile certification class and really enjoyed all the knowledge Simmy packs into her training classes. Spent some time at the Nail Pro competition area catching up with friends. Anna Maria Paty has joined the judging team and was joined by Rachel Mouritsen and guest judge Pauline Lina Feinauer. Anna Maria shared with me how impressed she is with the way the competitions are run and the attention to every last detail to make sure they get things right. Looks like they are really putting together a winning team behind the scenes. Make sure to check out our NTR page for the winners. All in all, the show was a bit smaller than the norm but packed full of amazing classes and vendors. Everyone commented about the quality of the show. Hopefully it continues to grow and gain the loyal following it deserves.


  1. Great seeing you this weekend!! Thanks for all you do for our industry Millie! Your the BEST!!!

  2. Thanks Shelly, Great to see you too and ditto on the all YOU do :)

  3. Thanks for the hospitality at I.S.S.E. thanks for the nail art class in the room. And thanks for all the Blogging knowledge. I am working on my own blog and connected with have told everyone who didn't run away from me about the great show we had. Until next time toodles.xoxxoxo Gina Malson

  4. My pleasure Gina...sure was fun xoxo