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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is Being an Entrepreneur Hereditary?

   Today marks the 4th year of my fathers passing. While  I can choose to make it a sad day, I instead choose to make it a celebration, or maybe a dedication. My life path is very similar to my fathers in many ways, both personally and professionally. We both chose the road less traveled, not the beaten path, the well worn, sure thing. I guess we both had a spirit that could not be contained by corporate America. I only was able to truly respect his hard work ethic when I became a business owner myself. The sacrifice, commitment and dedication it takes to own your own business, set your own sail. As a business owner you remove yourself from the work cycle. The pats on the back for your hard work and efforts and gold stars on your papers to hang on the fridge. It can be a lonely journey with no one cheering you on, telling you "great job!" or "well done". It takes a certain character that can flourish in this vacuum of always wondering if you made the right decision. You sweat each detail, sometimes each payroll many times paying your staff before you pay yourself. There are benefits, yes, benefits. The pride you can take with each accolade, or award, or finished week with your sanity intact. So with this anniversary I reflect on the man, the strengths and weaknesses, much like my own. Did I do everything right? Hell no.. Did he? Probably not. But you know what? It's ok. After being an owner myself and understanding what it takes to keep all the plates spinning I have a different reflection of the past. I know myself the sacrifices I've made. The events I've missed or at best shown up late for. It isn't that family is not more important, it's that it is. My drive of being an entrepreneur is so dedicated to family that I strive to provide a better life. We miss things so that we can provide for future, better things. Well that's the intent. Does that always happen....maybe not, but it doesn't change the intent. The wanting so bad to provide a better life and better future for your family. I get it, I understand so much more now. And I'm thankful. For the conversations we shared about life, work and family. I understand the quote "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", and as far as I'm concerned, so is the road to heaven.


  1. And that's my baby girl, Melissa in the photo :) Who is almost 23..