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Monday, November 19, 2012


     Today’s tip is about inspiration. I had the honor of being interviewed by London Wright of Stylz4women and one of the questions he asked me was where do I get my inspiration. For me that ones a no brainer. I get inspiration from others. I love to read about success stories and realize that everyone really starts out about the same place. To understand that everyone makes choices and if you wait for things to come to you , well you might be waiting a long time. I love people who take action and follow a passion relentlessly towards excellence.

Interview with Millie Haynam

     This weekend I had the chance to do just that. I read on Maisie Dunbar’s facebook page that she was going to be at a fundraising event in North Canton, only about an hour from me. I immediately contacted her and asked if I could come help her in any way. I went down to the event which was a fundraiser that the O’jay’s put on to raise money for college scholarships for kids from their home town, Canton. She was in town to aid in the fundraising event and had a booth at the event Sunday. I got up bright and early and got myself down there to spend some time with this amazing lady. I thought geez, when is she going to be an hour from me again. Point is if there is something you can do, then by all means just do it. Maisie had a total of 3 events going on that weekend trying to promote her salon and her cosmetic line Bluffa Jo.

Millie Haynam, Maisie Dunbar
     She was out working her brand. We had several hours to chat about the business and we swapped stories about how many people don’t truly grasp the sacrifice and dedication it takes to make it all happen. It was worth every minute of the drive to be able to brainstorm with one of the industry’s brightest stars.

     Then on top of that, today I had a nail date with one of my nail art guru’s JaNiese Newton in Detroit. I met my nailfriends Jada and Kim and we rode up 3 hours to Detroit together to have a play date. Even better Dayna Knight drove down from Ontario Canada to join us. We spent the afternoon watching nail art videos, watching each other playing with new nail art stuff and we even went on a field trip to two nail supply houses in the area.

Nails by JaNiese
     Again, something we planned to help each other grow as nail artists. We all had a few Ah Ha moments. Success is dedication, sacrifice and persistent pursuit of the goal. I have set my schedule up at the salon to work two 9 hour days and two 8 hour days behind the chair so I can have two days a week off. At least one, or honestly most times both days off it gives me the opportunity to work ON my business, not just IN my business. If you are not where you want to be ask yourself what would it take to get there. What information or skill that if you knew, could get you closer to your goals. Take stock and really figure out what the top few things would be and go after them. Start your own nail friend group and keep after each other to keep growing. P.S. Jada, Dayna, Kim and JaNiese, homework is due in one week :)

Millie Haynam, Kimberly Jones-Hammond, Jada Cunningham, JaNiese Newton, Dayna Knight
(Original post August 2011)

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