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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Incoco Nail Polish Applique

     So I was lucky enough to win the Incoco Fall Facebook contest, one YEAR supply of Incoco nail polish appliques. Funny story actually. I'm on Facebook late one evening...12:47 to be exact, minding my own business when a nail friend pops up in my messages and says
"You won with me on the Incoco grand prize. I got the email this afternoon and told them they could contact you. I am absolutely ecstatic!"
Wait, what? Me? I vaguely remember entering this contest on her wall. Could it be? Well naturally the paranoid, skeptic in me takes over. I was cautious, hesitant to respond. Then I notice she has messages another friend in the message also. Now I'm really confused and paranoid. So I private message this other friend asking her if she knows this girl. Well she entered the contest as well and is thrilled. I am still paranoid. I tell the first friend well they have my email, I will just wait till they contact me. The other tech, is now asking her to send her the email and she does it, she gives up her email. Maybe it's just my cyber/paranoia, I immediately send another private message.."Are you Crazy?! change your password right away! people can hack your computer".. Now she is paranoid as well.. asking me to quit freaking her out. The whole thing looking back was quite comical and when I received my email from Incoco the next day I was so embarrassed.  I had to apologize, big time.. too funny, we shared a chuckle. But... A girl can't be too careful. So back to the grand prize...

 I had heard so much about these new nail fashions from all the buzz at NYFW. So many of the top nail fashionistas were using them for top designer shows. I couldn't wait to try them. The company was actually kind enough to let us pick out our own designs. My first set I put on myself and I have to say they have held up quite well. I finally got the chance to use them on a client today. All things being equal and having used several different nail "coverings" from Minx to Design FX and a few in between I have to say I really liked these appliques. They come with two cuticle shapes to choose from. It takes a bit to get the hang of it but once you have chosen the size and removed the clear film these apply like a dream. Very pliable and easy to mold to the nail. All told with a manicure it took me about 40 minutes from start to finish, adding a base and top coat UV gel. I did tear one of the thumbs and had to use the extra large size but it was easy enough to trim and shape to the size I needed. Here is the result, my client LOVED them.
A Big Thanks to the folks at Incoco for my prize! I really love them. Check them out at

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