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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marketing and Avocados?


      What do Avocados have to do with marketing? Well while checking my Facebook feed I noticed that our own Braden Jahr, show producer, liked Avocados from Mexico. Really? A Facebook page for Avocados? Well I happen to love avocados, ok I am obsessed with avocados. So naturally I clicked on the page and the power of social marketing wrestled me to the ground once again. I scrolled through the posts, clicked on links that took me to amazing blogs and websites with recipes, how tos and fun facts about avocados. In the end, of course I liked the page. Mission accomplished. When you design your Facebook page and generate likes from your audience the same thing happens. Friends of friends see your activity and curiosity gets the better of us. No matter if we were just on line for a few seconds to update our status or see who liked what we get pulled into the world of social networking. Make sure your content is valuable enough to connect with your future clients. So what does this look like in action? I attended Doug Schoons Schoon Scientific webinar on UV light cured gels sponsored by the PBA on UV gels this afternoon.

       Not 5 minutes later Tina Ciesla Nail Artist Educator for Entity Beauty, owner of Blooming Nails Birmingham Alabama posted this on her page.

" I just attended a wonderfully educational webinar featuring Doug Schoon, an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry. . The topic today was all about Gel Enamels; the latest findings and best practices. Gel Enamel is safe to wear long term, if it is properly applied, properly cured, and properly removed. As consumers, make sure you only visit reputable salons who continue their education. Please do not try the DIY approach by wasting your money on the products available to you. It's not just nail polish, ladies. They contain gel which can cause reactions if used improperly. The health of your nail and surrounding skin is important to us. ALSO, if you are currently wearing a gel enamel product, please do not try to peel or remove the product yourself. You could easily damage your nails. Put your trust in the professional nail artists at Blooming Nails Salon."
Awesome Tina, well done!!
      I also saw an interesting feed by Erin Does Nails.Erin Does Nails Blog Facebook has been toying with the algorithm of page views.

      "Due to the "advertising" mindset that Facebook has taken on lately to generate even more $$$ it is becoming much harder for good pages like EDN to be easily "seen" these days. I'm reposting this information from a friend who also runs a vibrant, but smaller Page. So if you like what you see here and would like to continue to easily see my feed from EDN every day , following these steps will make it easier for you to see the posts that I make."

     Then she reposted this instruction. You can add "interests List" for your favorite pages. To see all the updates from a page you have to "Open" the page, hover the mouse over the gear to the right of the like button and in the drop down menu click "Add to interests list".
You can also generate more traffic by encouraging viewers to "like" "Comment" or " Share". I'm sure you have seen posts that encourage readers to vote on a particular style or questions by their interaction with the page. As Facebook continues to change the way we do business it continues to create new learning curves. But if you aren't interacting you can't catch the wave.


  1. Wow, I'm flattered you took notice. I've been playing with certain approaches to grow my audience as it'll be imperative once I start renting to run a catchy, attractive business page as well. EDN is growing steadily, so I think it's working!

    : )