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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holiday Marketing Ho Ho Ho

     The holidays are a time of tremendous opportuity in every salon business. Making your salon a one stop gift giving shop can have your business booming November through December. Clients are rushing around trying to pick out the perfect gifts for family, friends, relatives and co-workers. One sure fire way to get their attention is through targeted holiday marketing. One strategy? Create wish lists out of a simple word document. I will post example text at the end of this post. Offer them to each and every client that walks your doors these next few weeks. Offer to make their holiday shopping one stop, stress free by giving everyone on their list the gift of beauty. Have tabletalkers and posters strategically placed throughout the salon offering gift cards. Have reminders on your stations to make sure they have extra gift cards on hand for the unexpected guests that you don’t want to wind up leaving empty handed. Ramp up your retail efforts with special holiday items. Pre-Package $10 15 25 and 50 dollar grab and go gifts. Have them wrapped up in a beautiful basket or gift bag and keep them up front by the cash/reception area. These are impulse purchases, much like other area retailers. How may things have you bought that caught your eye when you were done shopping?

     Get creative with your holiday retail. Like Cream and Coffee gift sets that maybe have a few packets of Starbucks VIA ready brew and a hand cream. Or maybe cream and sugar with a hand cream and body sugar packaged with a nice fluffy from the dollar store. Or a holiday trimming gift set that has toenail clippers with a gift card for a pedicure. Or maybe a sugar and spice gift set with a body sugar and apple cider milingspice packets? Packaging a retail item like a foot cream with a pedicure is always nice so they have a little something extra top open up in addition to the gift card. Offer to make up Spaliday gift baskets with personalized content. Maybe they have a new daughter-in-law with a favorite scent. You can be a resource for all their holiday shopping so they can spend the rest of their free time getting services at your salon. Don’t forget gift cards. I always went big at the holidays. I didn’t bother discounting small gift cards,think about it, they sell themselves. Quit feeling guilty amd worrying about their money. I swear sometimes we worry about their money more than they do. Quit operating in scarcity mode and start operating in abundance mode. It makes all the difference. Think bigger like 500 gift cards that have 575 dollar value. Or a thousand dollar gift card that has a 1200 dollar value. The highest I sold was a 2000 dollar gift card with a 2500 dollar value. Think big and you will reap the benefits of a prosperous holiday season!

My Holiday Wish List
Let us take the stress out of Holiday shopping for your loved ones! Give us your name, Santa’s name, the best way to get in touch with Santa and what you want for this Holiday Season. Then leave the rest to us! We will contact your Secret Santa and let them know what you want, gift-wrap it and hand deliver it to them the week before Christmas. It’s a win/win for both of you. You get what you want and they know you’re going to like what you get.

Your Name _______________________________ Today’s date ________________Email___________________________

Cell # __________________________ Work # _______________________________Home # _________________________

My Secret Santa’s are: (list anyone here that is going to buy you a gift this season)
((The wish list wouldn't print in a second column and printed at the end. It should be right next to the Contact info. Print 2 or 3 contacts per sheet))

1. Santa’s Name_________________________________
Best place to contact Santa _____________________
Cell # _______________________________________
Work # ______________________________________
Home #______________________________________
Email _______________________________________
Santa’s relation to you, or message to Santa: _____

Wish List: ________________________________

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