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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tips for Building an Online Presence

Today's tip comes from Jeff walker. 16 years ago Jeff went from Mr. mom with no job and no resume to running a million dollar Internet company. Jeff shared his marketing tips for building this amazing Internet business. Here are a few I want to share. To see the full list visit
  1. Always be building your list and your relationship with your list. Your list is an import asset to your business. Make sure your guard this list and your relationship. Don't sell the list or abuse the privilege of it by overusing it.
  2. Only sell what your market wants. Watch which promotions and services get the most interest and trust your instincts and what your clients and not what you want to offer.
  3. Take the long view. Dont chase today's dollar too hard without long term thinking.
  4. Don't depend on a single source of traffic. Consider joint ventures, Facebook, twitter, you tube, google+ and pinterest. Seo, press releases, blogs, articles. Online advertising.
  1. Get out of your salon and go to live events. Donate your time and talents to fund raisers, community events etc. If you can't attend offer to send a goodie bag with info about your salon, special offers, free samples.
  2. The purpose of a sale is to create a raving fan. Make sure to deliver a great service great products and a great experience. Then let your customers become your evangelist in the socially connected world. X
  3. Create value. The path to long term success offline is to make sure you're creating massive value that your clients determine, not you.
  4. The power of the mastermind is huge. If you dont have a mastermind group get in one or create your own. Putting enough entrepreneur s in one place will always be a wealth of information. The format is to put a business challenge out there and brainstorm about the solutions. After all it's much more fun to solve someone else's challenges that your own.
  5. Sell with the human touch, steer clear of sounding too corporate. People want todo business with people not a company.
     6. It's all about the baby steps. Your first website might stink, your first newsletter might be
          awful,   just keep moving forward with your ideas. One foot in front of another. No one starts a           million dollar company overnight. Focusing your plan and keep putting one foot in front of            the  other and it will happen .
       Getting back to the mastermind group concept, I'm actually driving back from Wisconsin tonight from my good friend Gina Malson,s open house. I met Gina and Chelly Eric and Carol Ervin as educators almost twenty years ago and we have been brainstorming ever since. We surprised Gina and showed up for her open house tonight. If you don't have a nail tech mastermind group, there is not one other thing you can do that will be more valuable to you and your business.

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