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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Six Month Check Up

     So we are half way through the year. I thought I would hold my feet to the flames as well and share my mid-year check up with all of the listeners. Checking my midway point from last year to this year, I am actually down $365.02. Ok so instead of excuses like I have been traveling more, I have my speaking and training company I am trying to focus on, and the list goes on. I decided to take a hard look why I am down and not up.
      In looking through last years numbers I had three clients pass. The reality of that is they were weekly and biweekly clients that took away $400 per month, at least, that's $4800 per year. Another client lost that was biweekly bought her own do it yourself gel kit, $910 per year. Two clients moved that's about $75 per month, $900 per year. One every 6 week pedi had to cut me from her budget. $381 per year. A gel client, had to cut me from her budget, $962 per year. Another one stopped coming to a hairdresser at the salon, so she said she would still come to me but in the end felt too awkward coming back to the salon. $962. So all told, I should be down $3976.98.

     The good news is I have many new clients to replace the old ones. So in reality I am not down as low as it appears on paper, but still down. Could I do more marketing? As the marketing guru I can tell you a resounding YES! I have the same struggles you do. I work sometimes in my business more than on my business. I don't always ask for referrals, I don't always up-sell, I don't always retail. But I do know when I am doing all those extra things, my business never dips. I probably do more of these things consistently than not, I certainly do more than most. I guess in retrospect looking at why I am down has made an impact. We need to recruit new clients continuously. It was not that long ago that I did not take any new clients, or even referrals. As I was typing this up this afternoon I got a referral phone call and I got two new referrals last week. Why? Because I handed out my clients referral cards. Simple as that!
      What do I see as a plan for moving forward? I have set specific goals for my consulting business. I now have 4 products to sell and got a major speaking gig next week and in the fall. I am bipolar in this regard. I truly love my salon business and know it definitely pays the bills, but I am drawn to my writing, speaking and training business. If I could focus on one, I know it would make a huge difference. I could make strides instead of steps. But the reality is I need one to fuel the cost of the other, much like any start-up. So I diligently try and balance the two.

     I am looking into schedulicity so I will have more time to work instead of look for appointments, which I did twice already while writing this. I can get back on track with a regular email specials and appointment reminders. I know what works, I just need to take the extra time to do it. I love doing the marketing segment for this show, because it forces me to blog weekly, and I research business topics including what's the latest in marketing. So for now I guess I will be a split personality, until one or the other wins out.  I would be curious to hear how everyone else's numbers are this year as opposed to last year. Drop me an email and let me know.

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