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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Premiere Roundup

Photo Courtesy London Wright
     The networking event was at a new venue this year and got mixed reviews. This was the first year they included vendors demoing  and many felt it was not as intimate. I'd be interested to see what the feedback is on this years event. It was still an awesome time and so great to get so many nail dorks in the same room!  Sunday morning I ran into our NTR friend Holly Schippers  "the fingernail fixer" getting her 1st press pass as a blogger so we send out our congratulations to Holly! 
     She tipped me off to the CND main stage event not to be missed with the Blonds. She was so right. I almost missed this since I went to their event at ABS in Chicago and I am so glad I did not. It was groundbreaking. A fashion runway show Main stage (first time for a nail company by the way). CND delivered amazing over the top designs from top educators inspired by the Blonds. Once again top trainers Roxanne Valinotti and Kristina Estabrooks were on camera and on point with their simple yet over the top creative,  edgy designs. A real showstopper for sure. It definitely brought a little bit of NYFW to the Orlando stage. 

      I popped in on Maisie Dunbars class who is always a wealth of great information.  She also shared her story at the Beauty Changes Lives event. She is an amazing blessing to this industry and so willing to share her time and talent with others to help raise the entire level of the industry.

I also sat in on Doug Schoons class Shedding light on proper curing of UV gel coatings and all I can say is we need to have him on the show again with this information. This science lesson was information all nail tech must have in order to service our clients safely.

      I caught up with Katie Corzola whose Nail File series has been picked up for a second season. She also has some fun nail products coming out so make sure to stay tuned for all the details. I can say one will be a re-usable 3d nail jewel,  full coverage product in several different designs. One is very Katy Perry inspired 80's rainbow and hearts themed, one had a reverse French, one has dripping chandeliers and one is 3d polka dot and shimmer. We have the scoop on those.  She also showed me some amazing holographic colors that almost looked like mood rings. very cool. The nail files second season premieres August 19th and is on Sundays at 9/8 central.


  1. You are the best Millie and we need people like you in our industry. Stay beautiful.

  2. Hey Girl.. great to see you.. RE the Network Social.. the Oldie-Moldie attendees, some did have that loss of intimacy comment, the newbies or 2nd timer's, they all loved the event - OK maybe not the drink prices which I heard tapped the main artery.. but other than that a huge success. I am working right now to send a survey to all for feedback..

    Debbie D

    1. Yes include me in the moldie division lol. Change is good, shake it up a bit and yes, I'm sure first timers HAD to be impressed! It was still awesome as ever Deb. Thanks so much for all your hard work putting it together for all of us to enjoy :)