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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Techie Tips Part 2

This week we continue top techie tips from Mari Smiths Facebook webinar. Every time there is a Facebook change she recommends, instead of whining... learning what's new, what the rules are so you can think creatively and start bending those rules.
6. Optimize your app thumbnails. Your fan page has app thumbnails to the right under your cover picture. These thumbnails each have their own unique URL so you can drive traffic there, say from blogger or twitter and you can also drive traffic out, like to your website or twitter or blog. You can't move the photos, but you can rearrange and optimize the rest of the 16 thumbnails allowed per page. Mari suggests not taking up valuable web estate with your likes. Place more important things there like contests and events.
7. Monitor your insights. Facebook makes this truly easy and before you roll your eyes and say who has time, remember you can't move forward if you don't know what 's working and what isn't. You need to figure out your engagement rate by taking the number of people talking about your page by the number of fans. The average page is 2%. Mari shares a fan page by Lennar company that has 9% engagement. Check out their page and see for yourself how much activity this page gets with their beautiful photos, contests and engaging questions. When you see a page that's working well study it. You also want to look at your engaged users, these are your true fans. See what's working or not working with them. You can scroll through your posts and click to find out how your users engaged with your post. Remember comments are more valuable than likes.

8. Respond to your comments. This should be a no brainer, but when I was looking at my fan page for this segment I noticed a comment that was unanswered. Respond to everything. She quotes a study done by last year. When people in your network get a response 80% of them go on to make a purchase. 28% will make a purchase when companies proactively reach out and engage with their customers. Pretty compelling stats. We tend to overcomplicate technology, Humanize it, engage with it, listen to it, respond to it, use peoples first names.

9. Check your notifications. You may need to keep a second browser open just to not miss these notifications, you can also make your settings notify you of any activity on your wall or pages. There is also a company called You can get alerted when anyone writes on your wall. It doesn't have to be your own page, you can get alerted when your competition gets posts too.

10. Make use of interest lists. I just created an interest group of all of my marketing pages I usually have to scroll through to find. Remember the more friends you have the greater chance you might miss something BIG. I went down my home page to interests click add interest and created my own group. I just posted it to my wall and encouraged people to subscribe. Of course I added myself to the list. What would a marketing list be without me on it? Create your own list and encourage your fans to follow you. Maybe you create your own go to fashion page with you as the nail star. One thing I know for sure Facebook isn't going away anytime soon. You have to understand the new ROI, not the return on the investment but the Risk of Ignoring. Take small steps weekly to build a page that engages new fans and builds your business.


  1. Lets see what this is about.... ! :)

  2. Love your blog Millie! Your posts always get me motivated! Thank you for all that you do!!!

  3. So glad it is helpful to you Jamie! Thanks for your positive words :)