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Monday, May 21, 2012

Techie Tips for Facebook Marketing

      I sign up for webinars all the time. Unfortunately, things pop up, interrupt, or override that time segment I have set aside. Ok honestly, I rarely listen real time. I have signed up for enough of these I know most of them will provide a link to their download. So first tip of the week is, sign up anyway for those webinars you might not think you can attend and just listen to them on your own time frame.
      With the IPO of Facebook last week the social network has been spending the last few years monetizing the site. Hence the many changes both liked and disliked. Seems like its many users however have not kept up with these changes. So I signed up for 10 Essential Facebook money making "techie" tips. I signed up and just got around to listening today. This webinar was jam packed with insider "techie" tips on marketing your business on Facebook, things the average user would never know. There really was too much to cover in one segment so I'm going to go over 5 tonight and 5 next week.

1 Understand Edgerank It is a complex algorithm that Facebook created to determine the visibility of your content. Facebook predetermines who will see what in their newsfeed. Only 16% of your fans see your content. On their own Marketing page Facebook recommends “To make sure that your fans see your stories, sponsor your post to increase the reach of your content.” In other words, place an ad, and it is more likely to show up. If you are like GM and don't want to spend money on ads that aren't necessarily resulting in more sales, try these tips. To get more visibility think like Edgerank thinks. Three things that make up Edgerank are Affinity. Having a relationship with your audience and interacting with them on a regular basis. Weight. A post that is shared and has more comments than likes has much more weight and will appear in more news feeds. And last the time decay factor, or the amount of time that has passed between posts. You need to keep your posts current. Mari claims you can get good interaction with just two posts a day. Just remember the reason people hide your feed is posting too often and non relevant content. so Facebook is the content police and has done its best to make your news feed socially relevant to you and your interests.
2 Include photos or videos. Mari recommends posting 90% of your posts with pictures. Links have the lowest engagement. A hot tip is to ask a question. Like Modern Salons Facebook page and see how much engagement they have going on. They really do a great job. Also, keep your posts under 160 characters , twitter style.

3 Don't post links via third party apps. Prescheduling posts is a great idea, for the most part. but when you post a link Facebooks programming interface doesn't include the Facebook "share" button. But when you include a photo, it includes the share button. You really want to post manually as often as possible.
4 Change your cover image regularly. Again this is about the photo relevance for Edgerank. Also you can add descriptions to your cover photo. Facebook does not allow blatent advertising like linking it to your website or contact into. You can however link it to a blog post, or cover album that your fans can look through.
5 Use pin to the top This is an amazing feature. Every post you make on your page, which has to be in the timeline format for this feature, can be repinned to the top. Choose the content you want to rotate, hover over the edit button to the right of your post and click on the pencil. Pin to top will be one of your choices and you can recycle fresh content for new visitors to your site.

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