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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday morning I was at the show bright and early to take in some classes. Dashing Diva offered a class featuring the amazing Pattie Yankee Williams where she shared her back stage secrets for her NYFW runway looks.
She is the creative force behind many of their ultra hip products and it was amazing to watch her in action. I was fortunate enough ot work with Pattie at Septembers Fashion week and not many are at her level of trend and design in this business! She is so very highly respected by the designers and well deserved. The runway looks she shared were the double french, pushing the french trend but conservative enough for even your business clients. She layered a wide french wrap white and narrow french wrap pink for this fun look.
Next she shared Dashing Diva's version of a Louboutin nail with a Dashing Diva Design FX. First she placed the full coverage FX on the full nail and layered the Rose FX under the free edge. This can also be done with a full coverage nail adding FX to the underside. She recommends taking down time to prepare before client appointments for this high couture look in a fast 20-30 minute service adding both a new service and extra income.

Next up she blinged out a metallic full coverage nail by adding a strip of Design FX Bling down the center for added texture and high fashion flair. This look can be capped with base and top gel for long lasting wear. I missed the photo at the class but I found an example on their FB page below.
Last but not least Pattie shared the ultimate in customized nails with a Design FX wrap cut out with added crystals for nails that stand out in a crowd! She chose a matching wrap, much like she does backstage at NYFW and added a bling accent mirroring the crystals in the bodice of the dress to tie the whole look together, stunning!
I got so many new and creative ideas from this nail master, hope you did too!

For complete photos check out my ProBeauty Success with Millie Haynam page on Facebook.

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