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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ABS Recap Part 1

ABS was certainly action packed this year! We hit the show floor looking for the latest colors, trends and techniques. First stop was to say howdy to our friends at Famous Names who generously donated their booth location for our NTR meet and greet!
I caught up with Holly Schippers at the CND booth! So great to see her in person! The CND booth was hopping with the release of their new colors!

Young Nails booth was hopping ... as usual ... and I was lucky enough to catch up with Rhonda!!
What a pleasant surprise!
Greg was busy showing off the newest colors for spring.
                                                                   But not too busy for a photo :)

Carla Collier was kind enough to help a girl out... I ran out of time to get MY nails show ready. She used Orly's Gel colors Rage and Luxe two tone with hand painted nail art. LOVE them! Got tons of compliments, someone even asked me if they were Minx. Great job Carla!!
I stopped by the Light Elegance booth to see a few of my favorite peeps. Jim and Lezlie. You may not know that I wrote the very first educational instruction booklet for LE, before they were even LE lol.That's how far back we go and I am so thrilled to see how well they have done!!
I spent some time at the Nailsuperstore booth with Kevin Huang who actually designs many of his products for nail techs. His understanding of our challenges and drive to help us succeed is so evident in all his product designs. He is really a gem in our industry so make sure to spend some time on his site and check out his products for sure! He showed me his new chair and stool design and WOW so amazing! His new pedichair is motorized, it goes up and down, reclines and has swing away foot rests. What more does a girl need? His new stool is designed for the tech in mind with the rest in the front so you can take the presure off your arms while you work stabilizing your elbows to work smarter not harder. Brilliant!
I also stopped by the Gelish booth and saw some awesome demos by MaeLing working the table.
We ended the day with the Nail Talk Radio meet and greet with our friends at the Famous Names booth and our loyal listeners. Chelli Eric was the lucky winner of the Valentino Beauty Pure Air Purification System and Vicki Jenson won the Famous Names goodie bag.
To see all the photos "Like" my page ProBeauty Success with Millie Haynam.
To be continued....

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