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Monday, February 6, 2012

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

This week's tip is about planning. I had an amazing skype session with Trish Rock yesterday and we talked about promotional planning and how we should all really have a 12 month plan. It's February so already one twefth of the year is already gone. This slower time in the salon is really a good time to plan because we all know what happens as soon as we get busy. Promotions on the fly if at all, marketing behind the eight ball. I know the drill, I lived it myself. So why not think about planning your whole year. Take a few hours and get everything set up. At least a few basics. you can always add as you go. For those of you new to Nail Talk Radio within the year I did post a whole year marketing plan last year and have reposted it on my Probeauty Success Page on Facebook. Don't forget to like it and share it while you're there. I also wanted to share a fantastic idea that a friend of mine had at her salon a few years ago. She ordered a together a promotional calendar with the salon name and info on it and gave them out to clients for the holidays as well as to new clients in their new guest bag. She had posted in the front the promotions for the entire year. I thought, wow what a great idea, so I used this as well my first year of business. Choose what promotions you want to focus on for what month. Remember you don't have to discount. Maybe you are trying to keep up the pedicure business in the northeast, when we usually see a drop in our pedicure clients. Offer a free upgrade to spa or an upgrade to a spa manicure if they book both. Maybe you're introducing a new service in March or April. A lot of times my promotions were promoting something that was more expensive than my regular services. So plan out your whole year and you'll never be at a loss for a promotion again. One lucky winner will get a free cd tonight that has 7 years worth of newsletters and enough promotions to curl your toes. Also

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