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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three Trends You Can't Miss for 2012!

Three trends you can't afford to miss. Janelle Loving courtesy of Spa Boom.
1. Social Networking. New advantages. 2. Mobile, access and convenience to information. 3. Marketing content. the value builds relationships . With social media, everyone is on Facebook but are you using it effectively? If you aren't it is the number one thing to do this year. It brings everything about your brand together in an integrated platform. Think about setting separate goals you want to achieve through this medium. Make your social campaigns creative and make sure they reflect your brand. Understand interaction is critical and your online style must be consistent. Latest statistics coming out of Facebook state 500 million users,250 million log in daily. the average user has 130 friends, 250 connections and there are over 900 million interactive objects on Facebook. We don't need to sharpen this point, Facebook is a business phenomenon.
On average a user interacts with 80 pages, groups or events and you want to be one of those pages. Mobile users are on the rise as I've discussed before. There is a limitless demographic as more and more mobile devices are signing on to social media every day. Facebook users between 18-34 are checking in on Facebook first think in the morning, on their smart phone or Ipad. Mobile is so important because it is so easily accessible and convenient. Instant gratification. We are multitasking all the time so having access to instant information about daily specials for example can let a guest know there was a cancellation that evening and she can stop by on her way home now. 56% of buyers are purchasing on their smartphones at home. Mobile devices are a steady source of information during the week but on the weekend they rival tablet and computers for accessing information. Just as many users are now using mobile devices on the weekend at the same level they use their tablets and computers. Mobile devices provide instant information on the go. How many of you look up a restaurant in the car and pull up directions? Rarely do I ever pull up mapquest on my home computer any more. So as a consumer of beauty services, potential guests can pull up your salon, services, promotions, as well as directions, prices and in some cases appointment availability on the spot. I can click on a phone number and be instantly connected to any business with mobile access. Last but most important is content. What is it you are providing? Create your competitive edge by developing yourself as an expert. Make your content interesting , think if you would want to read it. Be consistent in your marketing content, information and services. Give people a sense of what their experience is going to be like at your salon or spa. You can do that with creative marketing content. Readers can totally sense the vibe of your salon through your wording whether it is hip and trendy or relaxing and rejuvenating. Be respectful of the clients time and don't bore them with the same message over and over. Make all communication unique and different on each venue. Be authentic. Consumers are following you and can instantly tell when or if you are not doing your own communication. Creative content comes from passion, what is your passion you want to share with the world? Extend your reach and push out your boundaries to create a wider circle of influence. I had lunch with a Ladosha Wright who writes a blog and has a very active Facebook page and she told me people fly in from other cities to get services she talks about in her social media content. That's what I call valuable content!

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  1. Amen to all of that! The salon industry needs to get out ofthe dark ages and get with the program of information marketing! Relationships is what it's all about. Thank you for sharing.