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Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome to Stylez

Many of you know I am always on the look out for what's new and what's next. Well the combination collided this past week when I was asked to join the Stylez4women team as the Director of Sales. This website has been on my radar for sometime now. I just love the stunning photos and the interesting articles. Covering the Hair, Nail, Fashion and beauty community, nails are the real star at Stylez. And who better to feature than the magnificent manicuring community! Everyone's a star at Stylez4women. London Wright has a passion for bringing "celebrity" to every nail tech out there because let's face it, we are all stars! I am so excited to share this site with all my professional friends. Coming soon are the Manicurist magazine and the Virtual Nail Technicians Conference. It's a show that's all about Nails, and all about FREE. Featuring the best and brightest minds from within the Nail industry. Bringing you the chance to network with vendors and industry supporters and colleagues – without leaving your desk. An industry first, by an innovative site! Stay tuned for more from the next BIG thing in our industry. Join today and don't get left in the nail dust! And to all my manufacturer friends...I'll be calling :)


  1. It is great to have you on board with London, I love evrything he has done so far and adding you to the team is incredible! Look forward to hearinf from you!