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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


WOW! All I can say is Orlando just might be my new favorite show! There is no sisterhood like the nail sisterhood! We met, we ate, we drank, we worked, we competed, we cried, we laughed we hugged, we encouraged each other, we supported each other, we learned from each other, we compared shoes, nails, husbands, salons and classes. Whew! All in one weekend! Some met for the first time, some met for the hundredth time! New friends, old friends, all nail friends. I was so happy to meet so many new friends in person. The BBQ with BeautyTech friends was so much fun. To be able to meet with so many nail superstars. It reminded me of the new Intuit commercial with adoring fans surrounding the guy that helped invent the USB. "Our rock stars are not your rock stars". We are so fortunate to have so many shining examples of great nail gurus whose only passion is to improve this industry and the people in it. What a gift we all have with access to such wonderful mentors. I am so impressed with so many I can't even begin to single out just one or two. All I know is I had a wonderfully amazing weekend and can't wait to see what these ladies (and gents) do next! I was interviewed by NAILS TV so look for me to post that interview soon. I got so many great ideas for classes and articles I can't wait to get to work on them, as a matter of fact I began an article on the plane on the way home! A big shout out to my home town Nail Friends Jada, Kim and Michelle so much fun to hang with!

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