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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nail Gurus

So I was able to catch up with Patricia Yankee at the Beauty Tech Nail Tech Networking BBQ in Orlando. Pattie has been on my radar as a "go to" nail guru for years.I have followed her career from the pages of the Nail magazines and decided at the BBQ this was my chance to introduce myself and get to know her better. I had already resigned from Nail Tek before I had the opportunity to meet her in 2001. We shared stories of that fateful year and the passion we share for this industry. I am always so pleased to find these nail industry gurus are very humble, hard working, passionate individuals that have a true mission to improve the industry that they love. Patricia was no different. She was so easy to talk to, generous of her industry knowledge and brimming with the same excitement to be a part of such an awesome industry and wake up to a job you love. We shared stories of familiar experiences, competing for the AVA's, working for manufacturers, developing products, writing for the trade magazines. I felt like if there were a nail sister sorority we would have surely been members. She shared her goals and her dreams about furthering this industry in the eyes of the average american tech. She also shared the fact that overseas the techs have a greater appreciation for the information and education so many overlook here and the frustrations that come with working for a foreign company. But most of all she shared her passion. We could have talked for days but only had a few hours. I look forward to keeping in touch with Pattie and seeing what she will come up with next. Check out her website here Patricia Yankee

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