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Friday, January 23, 2009

Well I finally figured out my Partigone dust filtration system. I've had it for a couple of months now, first tried to attach it to my mani=pro and the attachment they sent was too short. So....I had to use the vac on the stand. Well that didn't work too well. Still dust everywhere. So I emailed the company and told them it was a Partigone wrong (they did not see my humor) and I needed to know how to send it back. Well......there is only 30 days for return. Of Course. So I told them it did not fit my hand piece. There is a free attachment that is longer they could send for just the postage. I think it cost me about 5 bucks. Well well...BIG difference. Man that puppy pulls ALL the dust right into the vac, not a speck anywhere else. I think it will take a few times to get used to the extra apparatus on the hand piece. Kind of awkward at first but maybe I won't have to dust the salon every day?? Totally worth it. So Now I am A Partigone right girl!! YAY! Had a new client for gel fills. Seems a local gel girl has vanished and her clients are all finding me. Said client had gone to a few nonstandard salons, if you get my drift and was told they were gels. Um..... NO...... they're not. WHY do salons LIE to customers.
Millie"Did they use a powder and a liquid?"
Millie"Than those are called acrylic nails".
Man this really PI$$es me off!!!! How are clients supposed to know the difference?? They are being sold a stack of lies and charged extra. So ANY non nail professionals reading this.......if it's a powder and a liquid and stinks to high heaven, you are NOT getting gel nails. I took before and after pics. My camera died so the before is still stranded until I get fresh batteries but I used my phone for the after, can't really see the details but they were a beautiful make-over! And she was so thrilled her cuticles were not bleeding! And yes she rebooked!


  1. Hi Millie

    Just a couple of ?s about the Partigone...
    How loud is it?
    Does the vac get hot?
    What about when u need to hand file?
    Any chance u can send a pic or put one on ur blog...ppplllzzzz(hahaha)
    So ur really happy with the amount of dust is sucks?
    Thanks so much Millie sorry for all the ?s.
    Hope u have a great wkend...
    Keep Gelin'

  2. It is not very loud at all. I have not noticed it to get hot, I'll have to double check though. I'm still needing batteries for my camera and as soon as I get them tomorrow I'll take photos. With the hand piece attachent it sucks ALL the dust. Even today I forgot to turn on the vac and realized it immediately, dust everywhere, turned the vac on. all gone!

  3. Hi millie
    thank you so much for posting this site. I just got Partigon, same thing happened to me. it saved my time to figure out, they have longer attachment to handpiece. thank you so much.