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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crazy, Busy, Saturdays!

So Saturday in the salon, usually a crazy, zany blur for professional beauty girls. Today was no different, except for the fact that I have to appreciate more than ever the fact that I am still a crazy, busy girl and how much I LOVE my customers. Today especially, started out the day with one of my favorite nephews, (ok so I only have two but they are my favorites) then a great NEW client, glad as He[[ to have NEW clients, then my favorite couple, Dolly and Thom, the hilite twins,well not really, Dolly gets one color now. As an ex hairdresser she is a pleasure as a client, unusual, I know. Her hubby Thom works for Progressive and has a similar job to what I did as a road warrior for Nail Tek so we have loads of business schtufff to gab about. Lets see then there;s Hope, great gal, been with me along time. I think she stays with me cuz we had a haircolor allergic journey and I spent the better part of a year buying color and testing it on her until we found one she was not allergic to. Anyhoo.......she loves messy trendy haircuts, totally fun to cut! Then there;s Ruth, dear Ruth. I have been cutting her hair since opening Nat Beauty and she is I'm afraid, failing. Her daughter has been faithfully bringing her in for 7 years now and this is the first time I felt a tinge of sadness to really see a significant slide in her well being,. Oh crap, she's a sweet old gal none the less. Next up Suzanne, changed her appt from a pedi to a mani, which was fine with me since I'd been running 15 minutes behind all least I might catch up, (or be 15 minutes late to bed, you never do catch up). She is a pleasure to work on and visit with and we have a lot of similar life philosophies, she is much more spirited in her religious convictions than I am and I admire her spirit and strive to have her unwavering faith. Norma was on deck and simply one of my most elegant gals, very chic and savvy for an older gal, something we all should aspire to...anyhoo she offered my husband and I tickets to the play in Hudson this eve, so I am learning from my daughter and graciously accepting. Last but not least one more of my sisters wants my beautiful gel nails so.......what are sisters for, to help make you even more fabulous than you already are! So that is my day full of beautiful, wonderful clients that I am so thankful to have making me tired!

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