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Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Year, New Facebook Changes

     There are some big changes coming to Facebook in 2015
Facebook has determined that a lot of content people see is too promotional so they are switching things up yet again.  The news feed has controls for ads people see and the quality of those ads but those same controls have not been as closely monitored for promotional pages. Until now. Facebook is bringing new content controls for promotional posts in the new year.
Posts considered too promotional have been categorized under these three guidelines
    Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
    Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
    Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads
It will once again be changing its algorithms most businesses rely on for driving traffic through these campaigns. So how can you still see success in your campaigns without Facebook? Socially stacked has these suggestions.
Use good old fashioned email marketing to promote your latest products and milestones. Email marketing is still the most successful form of organic marketing for business. 70 percent of people say they always open email from their favorite companies.

Host contests, promotions and other campaigns on your website instead of on Facebook. As I have mentioned before your website is under your control, no one else. You can’t say that about other social networks. A simple embed feature drives users to your site, where you want them anyway. Visitors usually stay longer on your website than they do on your Facebook page.
    Place ads on your website and blog for no additional cost.  You can run all sorts of free ads on your blog and website, things like hello bars, display ads, pop up notifications and so much more. None of these cost any additional advertising dollars to run. You may need a graphic designer and web help to upload them to your site, but you get all the benefits. Try Canva to create your own graphics.
     Use share features from your website or blog to share content instead of relying on Facebook. Share features give your visitors six different way they can share a campaign, Via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Google +, Linked In or manually.
    Explore other networks instead of relying too much on your Facebook page. There is a big wide social networking world to conquer. There is a good chance your clients are seeking out your services on other networks, so join the conversation.

     And last but not least don’t forget about traditional media to make promotional announcements. The press release is not dead.  Reach out to media connections you’ve built relationships with, or if you don’t have any, build some.  Don’t panic about these Facebook changes for 2015. Spread around the social media love, because that’s smart marketing.   Read the rest of the story here. 

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