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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Marketing a Positive Mindset


Marketing is a mindset, all actions begin as thoughts. The better your thoughts, the better your actions.
I was stuck by an article on my feed this week called 7 habits of chronically unhappy people. You can’t have a positive life surrounding yourself in negativity. So I took the liberty of applying these traits to your work life for some inspiration.
1.       1. Your default belief is life is hard. Unhappy people see themselves as victims. If only I worked in a better salon, if only I was in a bigger town. Yes building and sustaining a business is not easy, but thousands of techs do it. How? Find a way to persevere. Take responsibility for where you are right now and focus on where you want to be. Figure out the steps to take and take one step at a time to get you there.
2.       2. You believe most people can’t be trusted. Unhappy people can become an island not networking with anyone else, cutting themselves off from community. Reach out and meet new people, develop new networks and your business can’t help but grow.
3.       3. You concentrate on what’s wrong in the world instead of what’s right. I made the conscious decision years ago to stop watching the news. If you can’t change it why put it in your head. So what do you love about your business? Your skill set? Concentrate on that.
4.        4. You compare yourself to others and harbor jealousy. This is a bit of a repeat from last week, which tells me my thoughts are on target. What’s meant for you can never be taken by another. No one else’s success diminishes your own. Believe you carry your own unique GPS that leads you and keeps you on track. Comparing yourself to others is wasted energy so believe in your unlimited possibilities. There are plenty of clients out there just for you.

5.       5. You strive to control your life. You are manager of the universe. Happy people have goals and work on them but understand they can’t control everything life throws at them. Sometimes happy accidents are there for you to go with the flow. Take the detour and create new possibilities.
6.       6. You consider your future with worry and fear.  Not one more day was granted anyone through worry. Consider all the thoughts you have renting space in your head and give those negative ones an eviction notice. Are there actions you can take from preventing what is worrying you to happen? Then take them, if not don’t let fear take the reins. Think of all that could go right and give fear and worry the boot.
7.       7. You fill your conversations with gossip and complaints, another repeat from last week, confirmation. Don’t live in the past and fill your conversations with life’s hardships. I heard it once said you can visit pity city but you can’t move in. Can we always be upbeat and positive all the time? Certainly not, but the next time you want to wallow remember those people in your life that are always complaining and ask yourself, would you want to be around someone like that? Clients come to us to unburden themselves, take time out of their world. The last thing they need is to be dumped on. Have a positive energy that’s contagious, live in the here and now and dream about your bright future. Be an inspiration that others want to be around. Because smart thinking is smart marketing.
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