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Monday, March 10, 2014

IBS New York

I got a late start this morning with the time change, and starting at 5:30 in Ohio, so I did not get to as many booths as I would have liked but I still chatted with some of our nail friends and got some great pics. First off I saw Rhonda Kibuk at the Young nails booth which was rocking as usual. We chatted about their spring collection and I got a photo with Rhonda's way cool nail design using two of the colors. She also shared with me that there are some really super cool things in the works, she was sworn to secrecy. I asked if it was more of the same or something totally different and she said really different. She  would have told me more but she would have had to kill me. I'm sure I will stop back tomorrow to see more of their nail designs. 

Right around the corner was Gina Silvestro and her Gel Essentialz team at the Akzentz Booth. We talked about the new LED hard gel and she is loving it. They were busy demoing the Crystal Swarovski accents and gel nail art. Crystal Culture was launched in Australia this past week with Viv Simmonds. They are putting together a Crystal Culture nail team of educators that will educate at shows and smaller networking events. Their first American training will be after Premiere in Orlando. 

 Then it was off to Allesandro and our friend LaShaun Brown Glen. She has been a travelling fool and will be at NailPro Pasadena next. The booth was very busy with demos and of course lead educator Marina Lopresto was gathering a crowd to watch her amazing work. If you're keeping track she is currently in first place for the NailPro Cup. 
I picked up a few new Morgan Taylor colors. Their fine mica shimmer metallics are the best for stamping. Check them out if you haven't yet. I stopped by Artistic to check out their new spring colors, all shimmers. A beautiful light pink, Tiffany blue, Nude beige and lilac.

 I swung by the Gelish booth and got a chance to see MaeLing, Jesse, Lashon, Adriana and a shout out to Denise, working on her birthday. They were busy at the demo tables as well showing off their Gelish trends and their new spring colors.  MaeLing has been a busy traveler as well and got a chance to network with other international Gelish educators for a sort of mastermind group. She also got a chance to use the new summer colors in an editorial shoot so  hopefully we'll see that out soon.

 I ran into Darcy Olin finally getting to attend a show instead of work one. And lastly caught up with Julie Kandalec for a bite to eat and an update. Along with her travels and her editorial work , Julie has something very exciting in the works, and she will be sure to fill us in first. I teach tomorrow and will catch up with a few more nail stars I'm sure.

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