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Monday, January 13, 2014

Three Things Not to Do When You’re Slow.

     Don't whine. It’s unattractive and nonproductive, unless you’re drinking it, but that’s another post. Instead take the extra time you have while your clients are freaking out about how much they spent over the holidays being productive. Take your client list and update it. Scour over your client list. Contact numbers, email and home address. Ask them how they prefer to be contacted. Some people prefer at work, some at home. Some prefer text, some don’t know how to text, some just learned how to answer their new smart phone.  Contacting them in their preferred method is just good customer service. Emails are super important.  I recently had an online coaching session and was surprised to hear this person did not have an updates email list for her clients. How can you email market if you don’t have a current list? Pretty darn near impossible.  Emails sent often, but not too often are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and let them know what you have been up to. Maybe you attended a class, maybe you brought in a new product line or service. Emails are a great way to keep your clients in the loop of all the reasons they love coming to you in the first place.  Update your list and update your clients.
      Don’t sit, do nothing and wait for clients to trickle in. Reach out to the community. Maybe there was a new store, restaurant or fitness center that opened within the last few months. Those months you barely had time to look up from your nail table. Hit the pavement and introduce yourself. Print up a mini menu with your contact info and a new client special. Even if you have been in business for years, trust me, not everyone knows you’re there. This point was brought home to me once again when I moved salons. Almost every single client that came to me at the new location all said, Geez, I have driven by this spot hundreds of times and never noticed this salon was even here.  Typical. You must remember people are busy, their lives are busy and most of the times they are just paying attention to the task at hand. It’s almost as if they have blinders on. Pick up pizza, drop off dry cleaning. They are not wandering around taking in the sites. Introducing yourself to other area businesses at least makes the owner aware and if you’ve made enough of an impression and left behind a compelling offer they will spread the word about you. But don’t just ask for their help, offer yours. Ask if there is anything you can do for them. How’s business? Can I share a special with my clients introducing them to your business? Network with other area businesses and create a friendship while reaching more potential clients.

      Don’t complain about how much everything costs. Research all your current business relationships. Are there a more cost effective opportunities you are simply not aware of? Can you look at your current cell phone plan and cut a few dollars off the monthly fee? I just cut a chunk off my cell phone bill by dropping two other lines that I hadn’t realized were off contract. Take the time to speak with a representative and go over your bill with a fine tooth comb. Chances are there are savings to be had. Are you spending too much on supplies? It could be as simple as waiting to shop at businesses that offer a 10% off day. While you think 10% off may not add up to much think about the saving for a year. If you spend two thousand dollars per year that adds up to a two hundred dollar savings.  No small change there. Stock up when there are specials and extend the savings for each purchase. I know sometimes it’s hard to have cash tied up in product but getting your costs of doing business lower has a direct effect on the bottom line. When you’re spending less you’re making more, it’s as simple as that.  So the next time you have some down time, don’t pout, get out and get busy on your business because that’s smart marketing.