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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Always an Adventure

    So this week has brought me full circle. After closing my salon, working several different salons I come  back to the same realization I had in 2000. To be truly committed to my profession, my art and my passion I know it has to be in my own space. I will be opening my own beauty studio again. I will open it with all the lessons of the first two salons I opened, and the lessons of the last two years. While I am nervous, I am excited. The thing is I know what it takes, I understand the task. Maybe that has caused my hesitation to jump right back into my own place. But my passion for this business is stronger than ever, my commitment to my clients, never waivered. I will post my progress here as another adventure to share. I rejoin the hundreds of thousands of small business owners that are the lifeblood of these great United States of America. Living the dream :)

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