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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why Does Google+ Matter?

     Google+ Launched in June 2011 this multi-tasking social media site boasts over 500 million users, outpacing Twitter and second only to Facebook. Problem is out of those 500 Million accounts only 135 million were active users leaving it far behind Facebook 701 million active users and over a billion accounts. Despite many social media experts suggesting Google+ was too late to the party it has won over a core of devoted users. While Facebook connects friends Google+ is designed to connect common interests. Google + is also better designed for those people sharing interests to have more in-depth discussions around those passions. While it may never catch up to Facebook you do not want to ignore its impact. Remember, after all it is owned by Google which helps you get a higher ranking on its search engines and page rankings. One big benefit to Google+ is the hangouts feature enabling companies to interact with fans, prospects and clients through video conference calls. It's kind of like a MySpace/Skype mash up. You can get started easily on the Google home page and have a Google+ account for your business in minutes. then like any other social media outlet..let the content begin.
So how do you get started?
Go to If you don't have a Gmail account it is pretty quick and easy to create one. Avoid using your personal or any old email address for your page. Set up a new exclusive email for your page, especially if you have more than one person on your team that you allow to post content. The Google+ website has a tutorial that walks  you through the process of starting a Google + page for your business. Much like Facebook you can add a cover photo and add a profile photo. You can link your website to your Google+ page as well. Customize your page's public profile.  Google+ lets you add a description of your business and a tag line, ten words or less describing your core business. Mine is Helping beauty professionals love their job again. I took it from a comment on a post so whoever said that I thank you. Whenever you post Google will give you the option to share your update on your Google network. Post fresh content regularly, engage with your followers and respond to comments, questions and suggestions in a timely manner. You can set up your account to notify you whenever there is engagement with your site. There is nothing worse than making a comment or asking a question and hearing... crickets. Google also has its own version of the share or tweet button.
       The +1 button can be embedded on your site and people can share your content along with destination addresses. This again helps others find out about you when your content is shared, I have several new followers per week since adding the +1 to my blog. Websites using the +1 button get 3.5 x the Google+ visits. These share buttons make it super easy for anyone to share your content plus it acts as a call to action on your page. Engagement is the goal here. People who see the +1 button are more likely to click through the link you are sharing. You can also set up a feature called Google+ direct. This feature allows a user to search any company name by simply putting the + in front of it enabling them to skip over the traditional Google engine search. Check out more about Google+ on their website and see if it might work for your business. Our clients and future clients are getting more tech savvy every day. We need to as well. because that's smart marketing.

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