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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reflections of Gatlinburg

Where do I start? The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies certainly did not disappoint! One of the best parts of the weekend was the very start. I had the opportunity to drive down to the event with Cate, our Nail Talk Radio Instagrammer. She turned what should have been a boring long drive into a mini event in itself. It was so great to get to know this super cool gal better, even though we live in the same city! We talked about work and life...and of course nails.

Gatlinburg or bust :)

     We hit the ground running to get ready for the party at TGIFridays. It is always so great to get the team together in the same city at the same time. With a virtual show it is challenging to stay connected..quite literally..both technologically and personally. We met up with Athena and Braden and were off! We set up the party and got ready to stream time for nerves, too much set up to do. People started arriving and soon the place was packed. Still surreal that we have so many loyal listeners that support our show.

Braden's view from our event
     So thankful to our many sponsors that made this event possible. We chatted it up with manufacturers, sponsors and listeners.
Queen Softie Kathy giving with the winner of her Soft Landings T-shirt

 It was a rewarding evening for all! Still kind of strange to me there were so many in line to take photos with us. I feel just like one of you, trying to work hard, make a difference, with a little radio show.

Alexandra Monique Goodson 

Happy Birthday to David From Valentino Beauty Pure

Bri from Famous Names



I gave away all three of my books.
Sunday it was off to the races bright and early for show set up. Nail Talk Radio set up our "lounge" with a soft comfy couch,  chaise..the works. We were ready to welcome everyone to the show and share all the happenings. So many stopped by our lounge for a quick interview or to share their story.
We honored Jill Wright, the event founder with a special award for her contribution to the industry and dedication to putting on such a stellar event. She works tirelessly to put together an event we can all be proud of and all call our own. Every year it just gets better!

Signing books

Photo: The woman who started it all Jill Wright

The day was pretty much a blur with over 5 hours of broadcasting. So many stopped by to say hello and share the love! A highlight for me was the presentation of the Aaamazing nail tech award given to Holly Schippers. Holly and I have been networking friends for several years now and I have such admiration for her. I honestly feel she is the epitome of a nail tech, educator, fem-tor and basically human being! She gives tirelessly to this industry, her fellow professionals and there is no question or person too big or small that she doesn't make time for. I actually had her at the booth for an interview right before the announcement and I was so excited for her my heart was just about jumping out of my chest. I though for sure she sensed something, but she was genuinely shocked. She told me that she thought we were going to give it to Jill. That's one of the things I love about Holly the most, she is so humble and unassuming. We really did surprise her.

The look on her face...priceless!

Photo: Holly Schippers

Photo: Winning the first Nail Talk Radio Aaamazing Nail Tech Award, still in shock!
   And if that weren't enough excitement...we still had the regularly scheduled Nail Talk Radio show that evening! So after a quick bite to eat we geared back up for the show and did a Nail Tech Event wrap up broadcast. Whew. So much fun.


There were many classes going on Monday too! But for me...a little sightseeing was on my book :)

Athena & Medi-nails

Jess & Akzentz

Atwood Industries

Team OPI

Jayne & Light Elegance

Holly, Kim and CND



Team Kupa
Ann and Yire

        And as far as the sightseeing?

 This one sums it up!

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