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Friday, March 15, 2013

Americas Beauty Show Update Part 6

 Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer and Colour Veneer LED/UV soak off nail color debuted at ABS Chicago. Elaine Watson and Tony Cuccio welcomed the crowds of curious nail techs to this fabulous new colour system. Elaine is so excited about her new "baby" and shared the story of it's development. Many of the trends that hit the runways and retail stores are driven by professional polish lines. Since OPI was sold to Coty and is no longer professional only the nail polish manufacturers needed a new professional only line to launch trends. One of the top polish manufacturers approached Tony to launch a new polish line and offered the best of the best in formulation and ingredients, So Cuccio Colour was born. The polishes are triple pigmented and long wearing. The packaging and every last detail down to the brushes were carefully planned out by Elaine herself, a real nail tech! One of us! What a difference that makes. I have to say I got a few of the Lacquers and Veneers and they are a professionals dream come true. Silky smooth application and such rich coverage!
Her new LED light makes application lightening fast.

 Elaine shared the latest trends with show goers.
 Love their marketing materials!

 The package concept and design makes it easy as 1,2,3 for application. It would take a nail tech to put this together!

 Here she demos a beautiful buff pink on an attendee.

 It was so great catching up with Elaine and this awesome new line!

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  1. I Love the Veneer, beautiful colors and so easy to work with!!!!!