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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Representing Beauty Professionals in DC

     SO... I got this comment a few months ago on this blog. From "anonymous" aka coward, wrote something to the effect of "Please forward me your formal education so that I might consider this content valuable." Really? I have to admit, it stung...for a couple of days. Just for the record...I do not have a piece of paper from a university stating that I spent hours in classrooms looking at books, writing papers and cramming my mind full of information I might never need nor use. Don't get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for those that have this said piece of paper, especially since I don't have this coveted prize. It took me many years to understand that life education and non formal education has just as much value, if not more. I heard a quote the other day that stated  "It's not about the amount of intelligence you's about how you learn how to use it!"

     The same can be said for education. So many have a degree that they don't use, or they stop using once they are "done" with school. After feeling sorry for myself for about a minute...I got mad...then got thinking. A very good friend of mine that has his MBA with a concentration in marketing told me "Your knowledge is so much more valuable than my MBA. The fact that you read as much as you do, keep current as religiously as you do makes your information surpass most degrees." Well this made me feel a little better. Ever since I graduated from beauty school I have continued my education. I have spent countless hours on educating me, and not just in the traditional ways. I have studied my mentors, read countless books and invested in hundreds of seminars/webinars and workshops. By concentrating my efforts and studies in a very small targeted area it has enabled me to be somewhat of an expert in my field. 30+ years in and I'm still learning, still growing, still exploring. I am honored to get asked to speak, write and train in an industry I love so much. So piece of paper or not, I pulled up my big girl pants and put that comment where it my SPAM folder. I have learned just as much from my failures, maybe more, than my successes. And after all isn't that what this life/work game is about. How you play it? I welcome your long as they are not anonymous!


  1. Millie, if you have haters then you're doing something right, that's all I can say :) It's sad someone took the time to make themselves feel better at your expense, but we see it all the time, don't we. Your wisdom and knowledge is priceless, so don't let that hater rent space in your head!

  2. Thanks Laura! I appreciate yours as well :) Keep on rockin out those gorgeous nails!

  3. Well said Laura! I seen a great quote the other day..."If people are trying to bring you down that only means you are above them!"