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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marketing + Schools = Smart!

     This Mondays tip is about schools, schools and schools. These wonderful community havens of clients are a wonderful resource to gain new clients and make current clients more loyal than ever. Every year I make contact with the school board members and let them know I support the community any way that I can. There are so many ways to partner with schools to benefit everyone. Elementary and middle schools are always holding fundraisers and fall events. Contact the PTA  or PTO organizations and volunteer your time to their events. Fall festivals need activities so why not offer a nail polish station? The elementary level can be some fun nail art to offer kids and moms.  At the middle and high school level you can host a polish station with a polish bar providing polish instruction and easy nail art tips.
     Don't forget Girl scouts. Scout leaders have entire troupes of future clients they need to keep busy with activities all year. I often host a nail party for their health and beauty badge. Split up younger girls with a nail buddy and instruct them to work on each other.  Teens and tweens can be instructed on doing their own nails and there is no end to the fun possibilities with these ages. Put together a goodie bag with samples and files, even cute nail scrub brushes. Don't hesitate to include a fee if you need to but make sure to include a special offer for mom and me manicures.  I had a couple of girls that made it a ritual to come into my salon to get their back to school manicure clear through to graduation.  Teachers make great clients. They often can book up those awkward hours between 3 and 6. Make up a flyer that you support the schools with a 15% off their first service with you or you can do this as a fund raiser. 15% of every service dollars say the months of September and October go back to the school. Many schools have cheerleading squads that are the "influential's" of the school scene. Why not call the coaches and offer your services as a nail consultant, finding the perfect color polish and school themed nail art. Show choirs have become more and more popular since Glee so try contacting the director and offer the same consulting deal. You can offer group discounts on enhancements or retail polish purchases. Again many in the school look to these kids for their fashion style.
     Some high schools have a fashion club and hold a prom fashion show in the spring. Offer to conduct a nail fashion class for them with how tos nurturing a relationship that results in you doing the nails for their spring show attended by many students. The Parent teacher organizations are always looking for a way to show their appreciation in staff appreciation week. Offer to give hand massages and mini spa mani's that week. Many of the organizers of these clubs and programs are more than happy to work with you and so grateful for your support. Every time you participate make sure you make the most of the opportunity to be in front of so many potential new clients. Always have a drawing for a gift certificate to your salon with plenty of registration forms. Make sure to get their contact info, phone number and email address. I always had a check box for add me to your mailing list, remember if you use a resource like constant contact you cannot add people to your list that have not opted in to receive your emails. Make up goodie bags for everyone in attendance with a free sample,  a special offer, free gift or whatever you are comfortable with. Include menus and plenty of business cards.  These events can lead to others in the community when you get to know the key volunteers. They often chair clubs and organizations that host scholarship fundraisers, fashion shows and many other community programs. Offering your time and talent goes a long way and gets you on the fast track to be asked again in the future. Partnering with school is just smart marketing.


  1. Hi Millie..I just love reading your very informative and motivating posts! You are the best!

  2. Thanks so much Yvonne. Comments like yours make it all worth it :)