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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be My Guest?

The Early Days

               I did not post a marketing blog this week because I was actually the featured guest on Nail talk Radio Monday night. Trish Rock so graciously stepped up and offered her expert marketing advice in my place and did an awesome job sharing her wisdom. But being, well trying to be, the dedicated blogger I decided to write about the experience of being a guest. I actually was a guest back in the very infancy of Nail Talk Radio, way before it had the structure and segments and even the Naja. This time, the stakes were quite a bit higher, with so much growth and so many more listeners. I have to admit I was nervous. Naja told me to just think of it as a conversation between the three of us and after the first few questions you will get into the flow and the nerves will subside. She was right. Being a part of Nail Talk Radio has been a true blessing. I was a big supporter of the show early on and definitely had the vision to see the strength of this medium for beauty professionals. A show about nails? for 90 minutes? Once a week? What could possibly fill the airwaves for 90 minutes each week, many wondered. Turns out...plenty. The ride has been, and continues to be amazing.

IBS New York 2011

              I have traveled the world and met so many fantastic people. But most importantly I have been able to share business and life advice with my fellow professionals. It is a gift I take quite seriously. I faced many doubters, what are you doing that for, many would ask. What's in it for you, others would question. I admit at the time I really didn't know the answer to those and the many more questions and doubts I faced throughout the year. But last Monday really solidified it for me. I do it because I can, because I have something to offer and because I shouldn't keep the information to myself. There was such an outpouring of genuine appreciation worth so much more than I could ever put a dollar amount on. When Naja shared with me that whenever she asks listeners what they like about the show they all express that my marketing segment is one of their favorite parts of the show I was blown away. Often times I begin thinking about the segment Sunday, although it is never too far outside my realm of thinking all week. Monday I gather all my emails, tweets, FB postings, magazine articles, segments of books I am reading and boil them down to one marketing concept for the week. Sometimes I take a webinar that I have to pay for out of my own pocket to get ideas, other times it comes from a simple exchange with a friend online. Wherever the inspiration comes from I try to bring it from the trenches of our world, where I reside most of the time too. I am a working beauty professional facing many of the same challenges we face together. When I get feedback that someone used one of my tips with Michael Cole says" BOOM goes the dynamite". Some things work, some don't but the one thing I know is always happening is I am moving forward. Always researching the latest trends, the latest industry best practices and constantly updating my own way of doing things. The great quote "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten." is so true. So I sincerely thank Athena and Naja this opportunity, for always supporting my efforts, the listeners for always taking time out of their busy schedules to listen and my close support circle, you know who you are, for believing in me when I don't believe in myself, encouraging me when I want to quit and loving me enough to put up with my ever changing journey.

Jan Arnold ABS Chicago 2012

You can listen to the show here


  1. Wow, Millie, you consistently blow me away! Your genuine passion for
    Our industry is contagious! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, for making
    Time to share your knowledge with us! Your segments on NTR played
    A huge part in my decision to enter this field! Witnessing the support and
    Encouragement that you offer, makes me aspire to one day be able to do
    The same!!! You are a ROCK STAR!!! I can't wait to meet you in Tenn!!
    Thanks Again:)
    Jamie Pyles

    1. It is my pleasure Jamie. I am humbled by your kind words. You are on the move too. Won't be too long before I'm reading about all the great things you are doing in this fantastic business !

  2. Great post Millie, keep at it Girl :)