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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty School Drop Out? NOT!

I had the opportunity so speak at Raphael's School of Beauty Culture in Boardman this past week. I wanted to share what I told the students here.

It doesn't feel like that long ago that I sat where you are. I remember thinking I wanted to be up here one day, teaching, sharing and making a difference. Everyone you meet has something to share. I would like to share a letter to my beauty school self, ready to embark on this amazing journey.

This is not the end of your education, it is truly the beginning.

Don't believe your first few clients that told you that you have no talent and might want to consider another profession. We all start at the same place, with our education and our license. Your passion and willingness to practice your craft will make the difference. What you tell yourself must ring louder that what others tell you. You define yourself, no one else.

Don't get caught up in the lure of thinking this will be easy. There is no way around working an 8 hour day than putting in those 8 hours. Come in early, stay late, be available to opportunities. The reward is not always immediate and comes from the least likely places. Everyone on stage anywhere has done the work behind the scenes to achieve their place in this business. Even with a famous last name, you can't fake talent on stage, you have to own it.

Don't be afraid to network with your beauty heroes. Take a chance, get up your courage and introduce yourself. Many are hard working professionals willing to share their knowledge and mentor you. I reached out to my beauty heroes early in my career and soon I was writing in the same magazines I had been reading and teaching at the shows I had been attending. If you get snubbed, don't take it personally, move on, there are plenty of mentors out there.

Believe in yourself. Every path has its ups and downs and even the best have their doubts. Don't look to others to measure your success, run your own race. In the end you really only are competing with your best self. Help those around you and you too will be swept up in the wave of success.

Success in this business is just as much in your head as in your hands. Work on yourself, your communication, your positivity as much as your technical skills. They are equally important.

So to my 4th grade teacher that dubbed me motormouth Millie, I get paid to speak now.

To that client that told me I really had no talent, I worked with one of the top teams at New York Fashion week last September and my work was published in top magazines.

To my first exboss that told me I would never accomplish anything, I have a marketing segment every week on Nail Talk Radio and professionals from around the world tune in to listen. My salon was voted first runner up in the Artist and Visionary Salon of the Year it's second year in business. I am listed in Who's Who in America for Business and Marketing achievers. Success is always the best revenge.

This is such an exciting time to be entering this amazing business of beauty. So keep your voice louder than any others, stay true to the belief in yourself and enjoy the ride.
For the full presentation click the link below.

Beauty School Visit


  1. Thank you for this! My daughter graduated from Raphael's in November 2011. I wish that she would have been able to hear you speak in person. Some in this profession are not very encouraging to young people. I know that she will do well though having had some of her nail art published in a national magazine prior to even attending Beauty School. We need more REAL mentors and people that actually honor that commitment to mentor on the paper that they sign prior to schooling.

  2. For someone that may be interested in attending a beauty school what is your recommendation for preparing to make that decision. What are the most important things to look for when looking into a school?

  3. Thanks for this article. Its been difficult to find decent beauty schools in Ontario, its not exactly a good place for the industry i suppose.