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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The 30 Minute Secret

So many professionals ask me how I can possibly do a manicure in 30 minutes. I have written out the procedure that keeps me on target. The key is to have each step as perfected as possible, especially the polish. I can polish in 5 minutes, even a french. Maybe That trick will be the next blog post :)

Natural Beauty Manicure ~ Service Script

We specialize in natural nail services. Your nails will be evaluated for appropriate treatment and product usage. This service begins with steam towels, nail shaping (filing with an emery board). moisturizer is massaged into the nails and hands and cuticle softening product is applied. Hands are place in warm mitts to enhance hydration, product penetration. Cuticle work is performed and nails are polished to perfection with your choice of color or French manicure. This service takes 30-45 minutes.

Service Description

Tools Needed: clean workstation, towels, paper towels, sanitized nail implements, new disposable implements, Cuticle remover, Massage lotion, Cuticle Oil, Saran wrap, heated mitts, polish remover, polish.


1. Greet client. SMILE Approach physically (do not beckon from where you are). Make eye contact. Introduce yourself and shake hands if this is your first meeting. Offer beverage. For manicures, offer the option of prepaying to avoid marring polish after the service. Be sure to ask if they need any products. You can always retail after the service and offer to house charge the product.

2. Guide client to nail area. Make them comfortable and have them remove jewelry.

3. Cleanse hands with warm towel infused with cleansing product and essential oil, perform preliminary consultation.

4. Remove polish (one hand)

5. Shape nails with appropriate file with 240 for thin nails 180 otherwise.(one hand)

6. Perform hand/arm massage for 3-5 minutes(depending on cuticle work)

7. Apply Cuticle remover and wrap in saran, place in mitts.

8. Remove polish, shape nails and massage & wrap next hand. Place in warm mitts.

9. Unwrap first hand, push back and/or gently trim excess cuticle.

10. Apply Oil to cuticles and massage in.

11. Use cotton pad on nails to remove residue. Gently clean under the free edge.

12. Apply dehydrator if necessary, Polish nails.

13. Place client under nail dryer for 3 minutes. Apply quick dry drops or spray.

14. Offer to guide client back up front, get keys out, help pay if they haven’t prior the service.

15. Recommend appropriate products and follow up services.

16. Thank the client for coming before leaving them in the hands of the front desk or complete their sale.

Closing Procedures

*How was your service today? *Product Purchase *Salon Menu

*Rebooking time (other services?) *Salon Newsletter/Product Information

*Products in bag with info and tissue

*”Thank you and come again”

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