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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

London Rules

Well, this has to be one of the best adventures yet! Coming to the London Olympia beauty show has been "wicked" as they say. To have this opportunity to experience this international beauty event has been so amazing. Met so many wonderful people from all over the UK. What a great business to be in! The UK is very fashion forward with loads of cool people with incredible artists. The Nail-Philia show was very interesting. Stretching nails into works of art that bend my brain to looking at the nail canvas in all new ways.

Walking through the Olympia Beauty Show for me was like a kid in a candy store. All my favorite things in one place. I spent most of Sunday trying to grab as much of the show as I could into my camera, notebook and brain. I started the day with Sam Biddle and a gel nail art sponge technique. This couldn't have been simpler. She put down two coats of Rosey Future and then with a gel wipe sponge, she sponged a color fade with Red Velvet at the free edge and Rich Raisin at the very tip. She added a hand painted butterfly, Stunning!

I headed over to the Artistic Colour gloss booth to see what Tom Bachiks "Artistic Angels" had going on. Amy Bartick did a gel polish demo of "Hottness" and added some simple animal print with "Swag" black and a marbeling tool. So cute.

Heading over to the Hand and Nail Harmony booth I caught up with Christina showing a hard gel sculpt with a Gelish french. Her technique was flawless and I discovered the trick to using the c curve sticks on gels. She places a lint free wipe first. Brilliant!

Nazilla had some really cool nails going on at their booth. This company specializes in full coverage 3D all out fashion nails as an accessory. Their nails are adorned with gems and lace and bows and so many fashion forward trends. I snapped a few photos of their designs. These awesome fashion accessories can be soaked off and used again and again.

Next I stopped at Konad Nails UK. Tracey Brown showed how simple it is to create nail art with the Konad stamper. She even had the model try it herself, and she did great!
I couldn't resist getting a henna tattoo myself, I just love the beautiful designs and could watch them for hours. I did purchase a book to take some of these designs and scale them for nail art.
Sonia from East London at Unique Beauty did a beautiful piece for me and this design on the girl before me.
Next I was off to the ASP booth to see their gel demo. Steven Rhyswells did a beautiful gel mani on an attendee with Burnt Copper. A beautiful fall color.

The last demo of the day was at the Mistero Milano booth. Carolina from Poland demoed their french polish. For the fine french tip she used a striper brush.

It was a jam packed couple of days for sure. Stay tuned for day 2 of the Olympia Beauty Show...

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