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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nail Gurus Cont'd

Maisie Dunbar is a tech that had been on my radar for quite a few years. I have attended several of her classes, read her articles and caught up with her at industry shows. It has been so inspiring for me to watch her chart new territory in her career. Her accomplishments and awards are too numerous to even begin to list. A successful nail tech, salon owner including the honors of AVA Salon of the Year 2007 award, educator and celebrity stylist is just the beginning for this serial entrepreneur. Maisie developed Bluffajo, a trendy new make-up line and was awarded the make-up line of choice New York 2009 Spring fashion week. Founding MD Beauty Consultants is Maisie's latest venture. Sharing her years of experience and unparalleled industry knowledge is a natural progression for this beauty visionary. She is all about empowering the nail tech and giving back to the industry that has given her so much. I interviewed her for an article last year and her words ring true to her commitment to being the best and continuing to learn. Maisie says: "The best advice I have for newbies is to partner with a salon/people that are doing what you would like to do. remember success is not going to happen over night just stay consistent and practice perfectly every time, find a good mentor, and never stop learning. Be a green apple and strive to become a red apple. When you stop learning, you stop living." Maisie credits her success to dedication, hard work and persisting to be the best. "I am committed to excellence and part of that is my commitment to education and I will take any business, technique, etc. class to improve my skill or to equip me with knowledge. I am still taking classes. I take at least 10+ classes a year. nails, skin, and body classes. With me having my makeup line I have added another project I have keep learning about. I love to learn!" Maisie and I are trying to organize a VIP event for the Mid-America Classic. Stay tuned for this mighty duet of knowledge coming your way! Details to follow....


  1. Maisie has carved a way for herself in a tough, competitive industry. I am very proud of her accomplishments. Ellen Dunbar

  2. I know that I am late at reading your posts. But this one is close to me today. I love the quotes from Maisie, I want to be that green Apple who wants to be a red Apple.