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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Love Geri

Everyone should have a client like Geri. She is always on time, books ahead, but is flexible if I need to change her appt. She is also my best walking advertisement. The funny thing is.....I did plain ol' gels with polish for years...maybe a french here or there but one adventurous day I asked her if she wanted to try something different not knowing if she would go for it. She is fun, very fashionable, picks out the best gifts, has good gossip but best of all.......once I offered something a bit different, now.....she lets me do whatever I want on her! She trusts me as the professional and is game for just about anything. She has sat through HOURS of nail appointments (including numb butts for both of us) while I figure out the latest technique. She has sat through squishy gels, filing and refiling all for the sake of art, and improving my skill level. There is something in it for her though... Geri gets a great deal, killer nails at a fraction of what they should cost!. Most of the nails on my slide show are Geri's. She is a three week standing, like clockwork and is usually my last appointment so we can play. I get a lot of my inspiration online, from several sites, from Geri's likes and dislikes and my never ending curiosity. A girl needs to have fun, and a creative outlet, so for that I say get yourself your own Geri and start creating!

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