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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well it's finally here.......Ta Da....My Blog. adventures of a Professional Beauty Girl will share my ADD life of being a salon owner/writer/mom/vegan/hairstylist/nail tech/skin care girl/toenail fixer upper and the list goes on. I am currently writing an article for Les Nouvelles Esthetiques on Hotel Spas and their financial outlook for 2009. Very interesting research. Got to visit the Spa at Walden in Aurora what a beautiful property. Spoke with Katie at the Spa at the Sedona Hilton, very cool girl.....the article is almost finished so what's next?? Setting up the rest of this site. I hope to have educational articles, webinars, and all around interesting stuff to share. I am a workaholic so that helps...kinda...I love learning about this business and the people in it so watch for posts about beauty GURUS too that happen to be friends of mine, maybe yours too. I'll try and post links to my various articles and posts to new ones. Gotta make the money now......

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